What clothes do I take on a cruise? Do I put everything in the suitcase?

One of the advantages of traveling by cruise is that you unpack the suitcase once, You hang everything in the closet and you don't have to be opening and closing your luggage even if you go from one place to another. This has the temptation to carry extra things, so we recommend versatile clothing, accessories that give elegant touches, and layers to keep you warm.

On a cruise, you will do multiple activities, from excursions to the beach, through city centers or remote ruins, apart from life on the same boat: formal and informal dinners or access to shows, so your luggage must be adaptable to any circumstance.

We give you some basic tips of the clothes that you cannot miss in your suitcase according to the shipping company with which you travel.

Comfortable and informal clothing for both him and her

A first tip is to take your clothes, feel just as you are, don't try to dress up just because you're on a cruise. Choose from your wardrobe the clothes that you like the most, you are on vacation, so take advantage of them.

For excursions, even if they are urban, take very comfortable footwear. To be by the pool and the boat, flip-flops and sandals, easy to take off and put on, can help you.

If in your excursions you are going to visit churches remember to bring a shawl or a fine cardigan (in case it is summer) because in some of them entry with bare shoulders is not allowed. This same advice, from respect for the customs of the countries you visit I recommend that you follow him in places like the United Arab Emirates or Qatar, for example.

They have it easier, both day and night, and they can wear shorts, T-shirt or polo, sneakers. Be careful, because no matter how informal the cruise is, they don't let you in with bathing suits at the buffet, or at the restaurants.

Let's say that these tips are for summer cruises, in warm places, obviously if you are going to cruise through the Norwegian fjords, the suitcase will carry other types of clothing. You can read our advice for this type of cruise at this link. And if it's about adventure cruises, or extreme, the same shipping companies provide you with clothes, for example, in the landings in the Arctic they provide you with boots, gloves and parka.

Boarding a cruise
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Thematic nights

The nights on the cruises, in terms of the way of dressing, have always been cataloged in dress code, smart casual, and casual, and in general, along with the restaurant description, the use of one or the other clothing is advised. For example, to go to the buffets, or outdoor barbecues, even if it is Captain's Night, you can do it with informal clothes.

And speaking of the Captain's Night, all shipping companies offer a dinner on board with the captain and part of the crew. Traditionally for tonight it was required strict etiquette, things are changing and everything has relaxed. However, it is an opportunity to dress with your best gala. Premium shipping companies, such as Cunard, for example, do continue to demand dark tie or evening dress for them and evening dress or other elegant wardrobe for them. Curiously, they can rent dress clothes at the same shipping company, they have it more complicated.

The other important night on board is the Night On White, so do not forget to put clothes of this color in your suitcase, because very few shipping companies resist celebrating it and it is mandatory to wear white.

Some restrictions according to clothing

As we told you above manners of etiquette are relaxing in most shipping companies. However, there are some considerations that you should take into account. For example Cunard, which comes to be like the most traditional shipping company, does not let you wear jeans, jeans in any of its restaurants. Holland America Line, Princess or Celebrity prohibit entering restaurants with shorts or rubber flip flops. Other companies you should look at the clothes you wear are Seabourn, Crystal, Silversea, Regent Seven.

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