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Mediterranean cruise in Spanish

Sometimes when a person goes on a cruise they want to have fun and see new places, as well as relax on the boat and enjoy the pleasures of life. At the same time, Cruise ship workers earning a salary must understand languages ​​in order to work, because it is well known that on a cruise there can be people of all nationalities who want to enjoy the boat tour. Do youHow do I book cruises in Spanish??

But what if those people don't understand many languages ​​and only speak Spanish? Was it possible that they could enjoy cruises in spanish and that in that way the language was not a limit for anyone? It seems that it is possible and that if you want a cruise where only Spanish is spoken, then ... you can enjoy it. 

Pullmantur Cruises

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Pullmantur Cruises is a company that thought about all this and began to make itineraries around the Mediterranean and has a permanent ship in the Caribbean. It began operating in 2001 touring the Mediterranean with the well-known Oceanic, a ship that had previously belonged to the Premier shipping company Cruises.

This was an enormous success as the ship smelled to be almost always full and used to have a really high average occupancy. People realized that it was a great way to enjoy a good cruise and that, in addition, the language was not an impediment to be able to interact with others, since it was only intended for Spanish-speaking people.

Different services

Although the cruise is not limited to the public (that is, anyone can access it), this time the company offers a different service although the category and amenities are the same. Pullmantur Cruises launched an itinerary completely intended for the Spanish public.

Its ships cross the Mediterranean, the European Capitals, the Baltic and the Caribbean, offering activities and entertainment at all hours of the day. The issue was that people complained that the crew spoke in addition to their language, English ... And many people from that continent did not.

For all this, the company decided to give them an exclusive service to get to know the world adapted to its characteristics, both in the way of life and in the language. Thus, the people who decided to go on this type of cruise in Spanish would feel at home. It is a way of being able to retain customers who do not want to feel how the language can be an obstacle in the relationship with the other members of the ship or when they arrive at a new place to visit.

The importance of the client

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At Pullmantur Cruises they want each person who gets on their ships to feel unique and special, because that is why they are committed to living unforgettable experiences, being able to feel at home, enjoying the emotions and being able to have fun and relax on board. of their ships. This is what makes them unique compared to other cruises, since that is why they decided to create those special itineraries, so that Spanish-speaking people would not feel separated from the places they visited or with the people they knew on their trips because of the idiom.

In addition, This company wants to put at the service of the client all the closeness and kindness possible so that passengers feel happy to be with them. Thanks to their daily work they have been able to win no less than 5 Excellence Awards. All this added to an excellent gastronomy with top quality brands.

The official language

The language on board Pullmantur Cruises is the Spanish because the people who come on board like to be with family and feel comfortable. Therefore, the best way to travel with people you do not know is for you all to have the same language.

The best thing is that the service on board, the activities and the shows are also Spanish. But of course, the Spanish language is much more than just a language, it is about its philosophy of life. The fun will be done following traditions that you are sure to also know, with customs and schedules that will make you feel at home. Pullmantur does not just want to share the language with you, but that you are able to share with them also the way of life and fun. For this reason, they want that if you decide to travel on Pullmantur cruises you feel at home, but in the middle of the sea.

Cruises in Spanish: by and for Spaniards

Although the motto of the company is that it is by and for Spaniards, the reality is that it does not focus solely on the Spanish public, but also focuses on anyone who wants to enjoy the cruise and who speaks Spanish. At the same time, if you are a person who does not speak Spanish as a mother tongue but you want to learn to speak Spanish and you have a good command of it, it is a good option too.

In this way, you can enjoy cruises in Spanish and you can improve this language if that is what you want. Although you must remember that you will not be able to speak in a language other than Spanish ... if you embark on these cruises it is for you to speak only and exclusively in Spanish.

Many interesting services

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In addition to having everything in Spanish, there are also other services on the cruise that can make you even more interested in enjoying it. In the Pullmantur Cruises company these services stand out:

  • All included
  • Fun for all
  • Good gastronomy
  • Quality excursions
  • Sea Spa
  • Celebrate on board the sea

As if that weren't enough too can provide you with offers and discounts so you can choose what works best for you and with your family or friends. Enjoying an exclusive Spanish-speaking cruise is possible and you can book it whenever you want.

If you are looking for cruises in Spanish, you will no longer have to feel that the language limits contact with other people both on board a ship and in the excursions you can do when you get off the boat. Now, you can fully enjoy enjoying the services and your mother tongue.

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