Is there coverage to use the mobile phone on a cruise?


Some of you have asked us if you can use your mobile phone on cruises. If you search the Internet for information, you will be scared, since there have been and reported cases of users who have paid up to 800 euros on their mobile phone bill just for having used the calls. This is an extreme case, but since absolutcruceros yes we want to warn you that using your mobile phone on board will increase your bill, how much will depend on your company.

Our first advice is that directly call your mobile phone provider and inform yourself well, depending on your itinerary, what coverage and prices you have to use or call you on your phone. And now for some other tips.

On the boat the mobile in airplane mode

We recommend that you while browsing keep the mobile phone off, or if you prefer it in airplane mode, so it won't connect to any network, it won't search for it either and it will drain the battery and you will be able to take all the photos or record videos you want.

Another option, but we really recommend the first one, is enable manual network selection and disable automatic selection in your phone settings. This way you will be sure that it is not connected by mistake to any network or to the satellite network of the boat. The bad thing is that your phone will be all

If you need to be in contact, on the boat you can take mobile devices such as tablets or laptops, and for the Internet connection you can contract bonuses per minute. We were already talking about how to use the Internet on board in this article.

Maritime roaming

Currently, the large mobile phone providers already offer cruise packages so that you use your same national number. Call them or browse their website and have them explain well what options you have at your disposal, and watch out! because what we know as roaming and that in Europe no longer exists between EU countries, is not the same as maritime roaming.

We have taken the Orange page as an example, in it they explain roaming and also in one of the tabs they detail you Maritime and Satellite Coverages. In this case (it is an example) they have coverage with the following maritime coverage operators:

  • Oceancel - (Siminn Network): € 10,31 / min (VAT incl.)
  • Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM): € 10,31 / min (VAT incl.)
  • MCP: € 10,31 / min (VAT incl.)
  • AT&T Mobility: € 10,31 / min (VAT incl.)
  • Seanet Maritime: € 10,31 / min (VAT incl.)

With a call establishment cost: € 0,73 (VAT included) for calls made and received. The rate is applied per second from the first second. Apart from these maritime operators by telephone, they detail the satellite through which the connection is made, when maritime is not possible, and its cost.

Shipping companies and mobile phone use

All large shipping companies already offer cell phone service offshore, inside the ship. In this case you have to configure the phone, for that your company will have to help you, Cellular At Sea, in the case of Norwegian Cruise Line, for example. Depending on the phone model you have, it connects to the network when it appears: cellularatsea, wmsatsea, NOR-18 or 901-18.

This mobile phone service on board NCL ships is available in international waters (this is a distance of 12 nautical miles or more from shore) and automatically disconnects when the ship reaches port or approaches shore. The rates are what your provider tells you, the shipping company only facilitates the connection.

International calls with prepaid cards

Another option for is make international calls with a prepaid card to call from abroad. These cards are usually sold on the ship itself, in ports, shopping centers and other types of establishments. You will have to call from a different number to yours and you will not be able to receive calls to your number, but you will be connected and with the prepayment guarantee.

We hope we have helped you and, remember our first advice, on board, it is better to turn off your mobile.

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