Tips and tricks on how to save money when booking a cruise

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More and more people travel by cruise, and also repeat, according to statistics more than 50% of those who have tried it return. We are sure that one of the things that motivate you to repeat, in addition to the comfort of the boats themselves and the destination, are the prices, and that is if you know how to do it you can get real bargains and save money when making your reservation.

We give you some clues so that you know which moment is more favorable for the best price, but be careful! That this is not infallible.

Two-for-one cruises (2 × 1)

You will see that many companies offer a 2 × 1 for their trips, the only bad thing about this type of offer is that you are limited by destiny. For example, they are frequent two for one to the Greek islands or the Mediterranean. If you do not know the area, or have been amazed by it and have no problems choosing the date, I assure you that this is a good option to travel for half the price and you have all the advantages that if you had paid the full ticket. Yes indeed, the two-for-one usually refers to the ticket, you will have to pay the tips for two people and the boarding fees each, but you travel in the middle ... what more do you want!

Six months before to reserve

If you are clear about your travel dates, and your destination, and also that happens with at least six months in advance, this is the ideal time to negotiate prices. It is the strip in which you will find the best proposals, not so much because of the price, which may even be guaranteed, but because you can choose the best cabins.

What does guaranteed price mean? This is a tactic used by some shipping companies by which they assure you that if you find that same cruise, at a lower price with the same conditions, they will give you that same price.

El Average discount you have for booking at least 6 months in advance is usually around 50%, and sometimes it reaches 70% and thinks that you can book practically for 50 euros. Sometimes that reserve is worth risking.

By supuesto this advance reservation is almost essential if you travel as a family Or you want a family cabin, since (the most common) is that only 25% of the ship's capacity is designed for family cabins.

Are there any last minute offers?

And now we go to the opposite side and the last minute offers, the one that you arrive at the agency and say in three days I want to be boarding, and do it having saved money. Only a few are lucky with that, but you may be one or one of them. We give you a piece of information, 80% of last minute offers are for couples and are communicated less than 7 days in advanceYou both have to be very flexible on the route.

Take advantage of shipping companies' campaigns

Almost all shipping companies have discount seasons and promotions depending on the time of year for save money. In addition, these promotions come to your email at the people who have the card or loyalty applications. If you are clear that you like to travel with that shipping company because of the service it gives you, this is the best opportunity to get good prices.

Shipping companies also take out promotions of the "free drinks" type, they include Wi-Fi in the price, they give you a spa treatment, or you can even go to restaurants that are normally included in the menu with a tasting menu that is included in the ticket.

Apart from this, which are the campaigns of the shipping companies are the agency campaigns, both those that have an office and those that work online.

And obviously there is certain groups, such as young people and older adults who have their own benefits. Here You have a clear example of what types of trips are usually offered to these seniors.

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