More than 100 reasons to insure your boat trip

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When we travel or book our cruise We don't like to think that we have to insure it whether due to cancellation, loss, illness or theft, however, when something unforeseen happens to you, you are happy to have taken out insurance. Obviously it doesn't make up for the initial hassle and upset of the mishap, but at least yes you are compensated.

In the case of cruises, due to their special characteristics, there are times when general travel insurance does not cover all the cases and unforeseen events that may arise, and you have to declare that it is a boat trip. I recommend that you read this article well, especially if you do not have much experience when traveling.

Cancellation or cancellation insurance

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How cruises are usually book an average of 71 days in advance, it is possible, that once the moment approaches, you have to cancel it. The other day some friends told me that they had called her for a polling station and had missed the trip, but that at least they had been able to change the date at no cost.

It is important that you know that not all cruises are required to compensate you in the event that the trip is canceled or not to make any of the stopovers, beyond the inclement weather that forces to change course. You better check the possibilities of getting your money back, or at least a large part of it, before closing your trip. This is a cancellation by the company that has offered the cruise, but Another thing is that you decide to cancel it.

When you decide to insure your cruise, the first thing you have to know are the reasons that may lead you to cancel your trip, for example, there are times that they do not let you travel because you are in advanced gestation time, and yet you do not get your money back.

Other times insurance covers you some unforeseen events such as family emergencies, natural disasters, an accident, illness…. The amount you have insured will be returned as long as the cancellation is contemplated in the insurance clauses. Here is a list of tips for cruising for the first time.

There are some insurers that have fixed prices depending on the destination to the one who travels and others that apply a percentage of return to the amount of the trip. This refund is 5% more or less, and provided that the cause is justified. Eye! Because if you pay the tickets for the cruise with a credit card, some include cancellation coverage. Find out well if your card offers this coverage.

Insurance with medical coverage

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Another important question when you are going to be traveling for several days, is what happens if you need health insurance. How we have told you on other occasions, on cruise ships there is medical assistance, although this is quite expensive, unless you have a medical insurance that is responsible for both the medical examination and the medications. As a rule a medium-high insurance covers you up to 30.000 euros of expandable medical expenses, and this includes dental expenses.

Luggage loss insurance

This is quite a topic. Is very it is rare for luggage to be lost on a cruise ship, since the shipment is made in the same port. However, what can happen is that you have made a combined plane trip plus cruise and that in the first phase your bags have been lost. If you don't have insurance on the plane, some cruise insurance companies guarantee a minimum for your luggage, But of course, that does not mean that you are going to get it back. We are talking only about compensation.

Sure on a cruise ship, but I get robbed on land

In ships, the case of robberies in cabins is not usually the case, really. But Yes, it can happen that when you go down to port your bag is stolen or lost. In that case, you have to see if your insurance covers only unforeseen events on board or if it also covers mishaps on land.

We recommend you ask for the money advance coverage. This is that if your cards are stolen or lost you can make use of some cash until you recover them, and it is not something minor when you are traveling from port to port. At least it makes it easier for you to continue enjoying your vacation.

We hope that with these tips we have helped you decide on your best cruise travel insurance, something that I hope you do not have to use, but if necessary, you will be glad you did.

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