Prohibited items, which cannot be loaded, on a cruise


A friend of the blog wrote to ask us which are the items that are prohibited to take on board the cruises. And searching, searching, we have found this list, in which more or less all the companies coincide, but the best thing is that at the time of booking you request this information.

Apart from the illegal items that obviously are forbidden there are other things with which they won't let you board such as candles, electric coffee makers, wine, (in general it cannot be shipped with any alcoholic beverage), sodas, ironing board or electric irons, pets (except for blind dogs and trips that allow it, we talk about one of them on this article of absolutcruceros).

You will also not be able to carry electric transformers, yes you can ship plug adapters, flammable and explosive liquids, ham radio equipment.
Hockey sticks, skateboards, and surfboards are also prohibited.

As for the alcoholic drinks I want to make a point, and it is that you can buy them in the ports of call or in the stores on board, and these are stored in the ship's hold. Then, on the last day of the trip, it is delivered to your cabin.

eye! Security personnel are authorized to search containers, such as water or soda bottles, mouthwash, etc. and will eliminate containers that contain alcohol. In addition, travelers who violate any policy on alcoholic beverages, such as exceeding consumption, giving alcohol to a person under 21 years, alcohol in international waters is prohibited for minors of that age. displaying irresponsible behavior or attempting to conceal alcoholic beverages can be thrown off the ship by the captain.

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