All the keys, according to the shipping company, of etiquette on a cruise

One of the doubts that always assail us when we go on a cruise is whether I will be dressed or dressed for the occasion. On the page of the shipping company with which you are going to travel you will have all the information of the label, how you should be dressed, which is asked of you on each occasion. Aside from looking at the company page keep in mind if a special occasion is taking place, like New Years, Valentine's night and, of course, that there is a protocol for the night in white that is usually celebrated on each cruise.

In this article we will explain what are the labels according to the main companies, but we already anticipate that the trend is that this label is becoming more relaxed and casual. And curiously, this trend is greater in the most luxurious companies.

Azamara Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line

Azamara Cruises define your label as "Causal resort". For men jackets are desirable, but not essential, sportswear, pants. They don't have any formal nights, they don't even demand etiquette at the captain's dinner. They don't let you enter the main dining room barefoot, in tank tops, bathing suits or jeans.

Norwegian Cruise Line does not have formal nights. During dinners you can wear shirts and pants, even jeans and women can wear tops. Specific restaurants are considered to be more elegant, but there is no dress code for going to them, by the shipping company. You can have lunch and dinner in a swimsuit at the outdoor restaurants and the buffet.

Celebrity Cruises, Crystal Cruises and Cunard Line

Celebrity Cruises distinguishes on its page the clothes for the day, the clothes for the days in the port and the clothes for dinner, which in turn can be formal, or informal. The evening dress for them and the tuxedos for them are considered formal. By the way, in this article We solve the question of whether you can rent your tuxedo on the boat. We already anticipate that yes.

Crystal Cruises It also specifies 3 levels of dress depending on whether it is a formal, informal or casual evening. In the formal evening, in addition to the tuxedo, they accept a dark suit with a tie or bow tie. It is perhaps from the shipping companies with more formal nights, On a 10-day cruise there are 3 formal nights. Jeans, shorts, sports shirts and hats are not allowed in the main dining room after 6pm.

Cunard line follow the same label that you call formal, semi formal and elegant nights. Any dress codes are included not only for restaurants, but for all public areas after six in the afternoon. Shorts and swimsuits are prohibited in the main restaurants on the ship.

Costa Cruises, Princess Cruise and Royal Caribbean

Costa Cruises has 2 formal nights on Caribbean cruises and 1 or 2 on European ones, but they consider a cocktail dress formal for women and men in suits. On Costa Cruises yes you can wear jeans to enter the dining room.

Princess Cruises includes formal nights, in which it is not necessary to wear a tux, a dark suit will suffice, and casual nights. Although in theory jeans are not allowed in the main dining room, the reality is that, now, you can wear them without problems.

The label of Royal Caribbean includes formal, smart casual, and evening casual. Shorts are not allowed for dinner, neither for them nor for them. And a curiosity, jeans are allowed, but it is the maitre d who reserves the right of admission if your clothing is not considered appropriate.

Disney Cruise Line

El disney tag code He says that there are semi formal nights, elegant (dress up), and casual nights. But I would like to give you the idea that what is fun and specific about this company are its Thematic nights, there is always at least one per cruise, and it can be a pirate night, or a tropical night, princesses, or adventures ...

I hope this article has helped you to be more clear about what each company considers its label.

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