What should you not forget the day before a cruise?

Boarding a cruise

Congratulations, you are going to embark on a cruise tomorrow. I imagine you are nervous and very excited, but ...Have you reviewed that you have everything ready? We help you to do it in 5 minutes and so you will rest much better.

For now we advise you to download the company's application if you have not done so yet or directly check the website of this, in case there had been any last minute variation. This is not very common. although unlikely, as I told you) that there have been last minute itinerary or schedule changes. So Check the company's website or application, there you will have the last hour.

And now, we are going to review your luggage and handbag to confirm that you have the essentials.

La documentation what you should review


Have you already done the online check-in of your cruise? All companies already have this possibility and you will save time when boarding. The first thing to do is enter the reservation number, your first and last name exactly as it appears on your cruise confirmation. By the way, I know it seems obvious, but you confirmed that your passport is in order, right? I know of a case of a woman who could not leave the entire voyage of the ship because her passport expired just during the trip, she had no problems entering Spain again, and discovered another very interesting way of making cruises taking advantage of the facilities, but yes he missed all the excursions.

The most far-sighted carry photocopies of your personal documentation, like passport, identification documents and sometimes, even credit cards. These have served as proof in case of theft or loss.

Nobody likes to think about using the travel insurance, But if you have contracted one or your credit card (for example) has, I recommend that you make a call to the company and confirm what it covers you. So you will feel much safer if you had to use it.

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Local money of the countries you are going to visit. Although today we move a lot with cards, sometimes to use it you have to make a minimum purchase, or they do not want to charge you a simple coffee with it, so bring some cash from the countries where the ship will dock .

What you can not forget to put in your suitcase

Although it is winter when you make your cruise, do not miss the sunscreen. On the high seas and the sea wind will dry out your skin much more, so take a good moisturizer and an excellent sunscreen. We almost recommend that you carry a small boat in your bag, for daily excursions, and another for when you decide to stay on board and enjoy the pool, the walks or the terraces on the deck.

Another essential thing is to bring some comfortable shoes. Those with whom you are really comfortable. In the same way, do not forget the swimsuitBecause most large ships have a sauna and a heated swimming pool, and it would be a real shame if you couldn't enjoy these facilities due to such a foolish mistake.

Put in the suitcase an empty bag or backpackYou will see how on your return it is full of memories and objects and gifts. It is absurd to resist temptation. Also, and many times we do not think about it, it is good to take a couple of ear plugs, just in case there is some noise in the cabin that will not let you sleep, or to save you from an otitis in the pool, you never know.

We hope we have helped you with these tips, but if you still want to know more about how to prepare a perfect luggage, click here.

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