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MSC ship in real time

It seems that knowing what the ships position in real time They are things taken from movies or that only professionals dedicated to the maritime sector could know where there is a cruise ship in real time. But it doesn't have to be this way if you know how to use the right tools to achieve it.

Thanks to technology and the Internet, we can use a real time ship locator to find a cruise ship in that instant without having to have great knowledge about maps or sea lanes. Knowing tools that allow you to know with precision and in real time the location of the most important cruise ships in the world is a good thing, difficult to find but really valuable.

Next I want to talk to you about some websites and apps to search for boats in real time. You will be able to feel that you are a maritime controller and who knows? Maybe you love the experience so much that you really want to be.

Position of a cruise ship at sea

This web called It is useful and very entertaining as it marks the real position of hundreds of cruises of the most important companies around the world. Thanks to this website you can make a real follow-up of the cruise routes.

Normally people tend to look at the routes of these cruises out of curiosity and leisure, to know exactly where the cruise ship where a family member or friend is traveling is located or perhaps to know what their exact route is and that in this way, you can decide whether to take that cruise on your next vacation or think about which one is better according to expectations.

Some of the companies that have joined this real-time tracking system thanks to Google Earth. Another advantage of these cruise ships adhering to this tracking system is that they can be tracked at any time, especially if something unexpected happens and they need help on the high seas.

Some of the companies that you can track thanks to this website are:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Oceania Cruises
  • MSC Cruises
  • Star Cruises
  • Holland America Line
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Carnival
  • And the list keeps growing ...

Marine Traffic, search boats in real time

If you get into  you can find boats in real time. It is a tool that looks like a toy but that tells you the reality of the ships that are on the high seas at this very moment. You can look for some that you have close to home and others that are further away. You just have to use your mouse and put on top of each ship and click. You will get information and great images to learn a little more about the ship.

Real time boat locator

One aspect that I like about these types of applications is that if you have never liked geography but have liked ships, at last you will be able to learn a little geography. But if instead, if you like geography and also boats, then ... you will love this application.

It is easy to interpret the data and it is also quite easy to orient yourself to its use. It is operational and they also help you with some data that you can go looking for on the web. You can search for cruise ships or also cargo ships. You choose, but if you like boats, you will have a lot of fun using this application.

Sailwx, real-time ship locator

If you have friends or family members on a cruise ship and you want to know their exact location, this web - application may also be a good opportunity to find out. It is also possible that you are waiting for your ship and that you feel anxious to know how much is left until it reaches port and thus be able to start your vacation time.

Internet is your ally and will help you to know in real time the position of each cruise. Some vessels are willing to offer this information on their web pages, but if not, you also have the option of visiting specialized websites. like Sailwx . On the main page it may seem somewhat complicated to understand, but if you pay attention you will realize that it is quite simple.

Locating a cruise

On the main page you can have an overview of information about the ships and you will only have to search for a specific region by zooming in on the map. You will start to see many cruise ships that are sailing right now while you are looking at them on the web or that are docked in newly arrived ports or waiting to leave.

Thanks to the Internet, today it is possible to know the position of each cruise ship in real time. Some shipping companies offer us this information on their web portal, although if you want to have a general view of the ships that are sailing the seas, nothing better than visiting Sailwx. From its home page we will already have a very broad view although we can access more detailed information on each region by clicking on the zoom. You will be surprised to see the large number of cruise ships that are sailing or docked in ports.

Cruise Mapper

En Cruise mapper  You can also enjoy a real-time ship locator to know where a specific ship is located. If you access the web you will realize that it is very easy to navigate.

In addition, you have the boats in different colors depending on which is each one, something that will undoubtedly facilitate much better the search for the specific shipping company that you are interested in finding.. You can also find ships and if you simply want to know a random shipping company or ship, You just have to put the mouse over it and click, so you will find the information you want to see.

These are some of the easiest to use websites and applications that will be very easy for you to enjoy.

Other websites to see the position of cruise ships in real time

There are also others that you can use to find out which one you like the most or which has the handling that best suits you. Others you can explore are:

Now that you know enough of these tools to know the position of the boats in real timeDo not hesitate to find the one you like the most and enjoy looking for the positions of the boats.

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