Tips for not falling ill on a cruise and enjoying it to the fullest

Nobody likes to get sick, especially when we are on vacation, so in Absolut Cruceros We want to give you some advice and tips to try to avoid having the odd health problem on board a cruise ship. In any case, if you feel unwell or ill, you should know that all the boats have doctors and health personnel who will advise you and recommend what you should do.

As a first advice we recommend that you carry your own medicine cabinet in your suitcase. We all know what we usually suffer from and what remedies are best for that unwelcome ovarian pain or cold sore. Medicines on board are more expensive than usual, and in addition, yes or yes, the on-board doctor has to prescribe them, so you also have to pay for the consultation.

We recommend that you include in your medicine cabinet eye drops, anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, ointments for bumps or muscle aches and medications for motion sickness and digestive problems. These are the most common accidents or "illnesses" that occur on cruise ships.

Tips to avoid getting cold and heat stroke

Believe it or not, a cold with a stuffy nose and head can be very uncomfortable and leave you feeling like nothing. On summer cruises the temperature changes Between the interior and the gunwale of the boat can be extreme due to the air conditioning, so always carry a shawl or cardigan. In your cabin, do not be ashamed to request a blanket or regulate the air conditioning to your own temperature, which by default is usually strong.

We recommend that you don't stay in the pool when the sun goes down, or if it is very windy. It is also advisable to change your wet swimsuit or dry your hair.

On the other hand, you can catch a little sunstroke that annoys you some days during your vacation. Sometimes on vacation, we get so relaxed that we forget some basic questions, such as going back to apply sunscreen, at least every two hours, do not sunbathe too long, cover our heads with a hat, protect ourselves with sunglasses ... simple things that will undoubtedly help us not to fall ill

To avoid nausea and dizziness

If you are a person susceptible to dizziness, or you did not know it but you feel dizzy on board there are some foods to help you before trying anti-seasickness pills or bracelets, but if necessary, do not hesitate to use them. They really are effective. Some of these foods that I was talking about are green apples, for example gingerbread sweets, in fact, many shipping companies offer these sweets after dinner. As an immediate trick, if you feel nauseous, peel an orange and smell the peel.

To avoid "intestinal problems"

We already spoke in a post only and exclusively about norovirus, or stomach colic that sometimes occurs on cruise ships. You can check the whole article here, but now I want to remind you of other basic notions to avoid intestinal discomfort.

Wash your hands well before eating and several times a day. If you also want to carry disinfectant gel, then go ahead. Feel free to ask staff to clean a gym table, seat, or machine that you think is not in good condition.

If you see someone sick, with stomachaches, or fever, try find out what they have eaten or drunk. By the way, the gua on cruise ships is bottled, so trust her. And when it comes to exotic foods or drinks that you have not tried, we recommend not ingesting them in large quantities.

There are people to whom travel, change diet and routine, it causes them discomfort when going to the bathroom. Try to prevent this with a high-fiber diet as well. Do not neglect it.

We hope that with these tips you can avoid falling ill on your vacation and enjoy your cruise one hundred percent.

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