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Everyone knows the Disney brand and everything that the brand entails. Drawings, toys, theme parks ... and also cruises. Disney was not only the creator of cartoons but they were the first pieces of a great empire where both children and adults from all over the world like to enjoy. Disney Cruises are an example of how great things can be achieved with the effort of many people: the workers.

Join the work team at Disney Cruises

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Established in 1998, the Disney Cruise line is becoming known for offering exceptional service and for creating memorable experiences for families that will last a lifetime. But to achieve this, it is necessary for the crew to be professional and able to work with enthusiasm and eager to make both children and adults have a great time.

The workers offer personalized attention to all clients and this makes the difference with other themed cruises. They want to make people feel special from the moment they get on board and that is why it seems that people repeat the experience. Working on a cruise ship requires a lot of dedication and being aware that there will be moments of hard work, but in addition it will also provide rewarding experiences, a competitive salary and training to improve professionally. Working at Disney Cruises is like this: hard work and rewarding.

Cultural diversity

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There are many people who have different nationalities in the crew of the boats and a great team effort is needed to unite the work well. Different talents, skills and abilities are valued in the work of Disney Cruises regardless of people's nationality.

What is sought is the cohesion of the team, ensuring that the members of the crew and the officers know how to coexist with each other and with the clients. It's the only way to make guests feel valued by anticipating their needs ... you have to be attentive to the client at all times so that they feel good.

For this reason, the company is committed to ensuring that workers are able to achieve high standards by having a variety of teams that focus on the experience of the crew, offering internal recognition and personal support. The work on board can be very demanding and that is why they try to make workers feel rewarded every time they meet their objectives. What's more, when you work on a cruise ship, you create friendships with other members of the crew And we try to create an extraordinary work environment so that every day on the Disney Cruise is incredible, and not just for the guests.

Constant development

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In the company of the Disney Cruise line they offer the necessary training so that they can have their own success in the work position they have at all times. This is because they want to maintain Disney standards and provide exceptional customer service. If you want to join the team, you will have to participate in different training programs and opportunities for your development. You can start with Disney-oriented traditions from day one.

As you train you will be able to expand your knowledge and you will feel better prepared to accept the culture on board and you will know what it means to be part of the work of the Disney Cruise. His goal is for you to feel part of a very extended family.

The company navigation program is one way to help you succeed together with this company. For this reason, they have programs to promote the success of the people and also that the workers feel the gratitude of the bosses, therefore, they offer them unique opportunities, including being able to promote and gain experience in other areas of the career within the same company . You will be able to learn directly from Disney leaders and grow to be a leader too. In the company they want you to grow, and to do it with them, to become a great professional.

If you decide to join the Disney Cruises team, you will be able to discover the ideals that surround the hospitality and renowned service that Disney has. That is why you can find developments in the following areas:

  • Training to grow in the company. You will be able to learn about the traditions and values ​​of the Disney Cruise lines, discover the ideals of hospitality and service.
  • Professional training. You will be able to acquire a training required for international cruises.
  • A job. They will prepare you to become familiar with your job, with all the necessary and available resources to be able to perform a quality job
  • Health and safety training. It is necessary for workers to acquire knowledge about health and safety so that the entire team knows how to react in any situation.
  • Leadership training. In addition, you can learn with a very clear company philosophy: acquire leadership skills to advance your personal growth and your professional future.

Is everything so nice?

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Working on Disney Cruises can be a great experience if you really have a vocation to work on a cruise ship. Although it may seem like a seasonal job, the reality is that if you want to train in this, you will have a good opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Once you are working on board, it will depend on you and your perceptions that you can enjoy the work that you feel is too much for you. You should bear in mind that if you work on a cruise, you will be on board the cruise for 24 hours, even on your days off. There will be days when you will have to work even 12 hours a day and you will not have complete privacy since you will have to share your cabin with two or three other workers.

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