Everything you can do for fun on board a cruise


The question is not all you can do a cruise, if not yes there is something that cannot be done on a cruise ship. As we have sometimes told you, a ship is a floating city, but do not think that it is just any city, it is one to spend your vacations and enjoy your free time. Everything is designed for fun.

Everyone will find, whatever their tastes, something to do on board from the most sporty, the boys and girls, the most demanding gourmet ... and those who simply want to lie down in a comfortable hammock and let themselves be carried away by the sea breeze.

Taste food from around the world

On the boats there are many options to eat different things, which are out of the ordinary. On the one hand there is the dining room with buffet and what is usually known as international cuisine, but then there are the specialty restaurants, which are not always included in the ticket price, but many times they are.

To book restaurants, it is recommended that you do so even before leaving the cruise, especially if you are interested in one in particular.

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Go on excursions

You can take advantage of the arrival at port to do shore excursions. These can be contracted directly with the shipping company, with a local company or do it on your own. On this article You will find the advantages and disadvantages of doing it one way or another, choose the one that best suits you.

But, apart from these shore excursions, few people know that on cruise ships you can also sign up for take a tour of the ship itself, in which they show you the engine room, the wheelhouse, the kitchens ... children may like this idea of ​​different fun.

Get fit

Although on cruise ships there is an urban legend that says that you always get fat, this does not have to be true. Traveling on a cruise ship can be the ideal occasion for outdoor exercise, walking or running in the areas set up for it, practicing sports in the gym or on the basketball and tennis courts, for example, even practicing adventure sports since there are boats with climbing walls and surf simulations.

All with monitors, and trained staff to demand of you to the best of your ability. It's about staying in shape, not burning out on vacation.

Those who believe that getting in shape means being relaxed, and receiving any type of treatment and massage, also have their place in the spa. To go to the spa it is usually not necessary to book, but it is necessary for massages and treatments.

Go to shows

One of the great attractions that cruises have are their Shows. More and more cruise passengers choose the shipping company with which they travel based on this item.

There are thematic cruises, in which all the cruise shows, classes and workshops are focused on a musical genre, I am now remembering a cruise for opera lovers. But the normal thing is that the show is suitable for all audiences, varied, and of great quality, that I can assure you.

In addition to the theater or cinema in which the central show takes place, there are also discos, karaoke bars, terraces with Latin music, where you can have fun. And a lot.

Learn something new

On the boats you can learn from almost everything, from how to cook an excellent souffle, taste wines, prepare a superhero costume or a handmade flower arrangement. What's more you will be able to demonstrate your own skills, since contests, such as La Voz, or Talent, on cruise ships are very fashionable.

If all this has not seemed enough to you, we recommend that you ask the monitors in charge of the entertainment, or take a look at the agenda that appears on the ship's television channel.

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