What You Should Know About Cruise Ship Emergency Codes

Today we want to talk to you about the emergency codes of a cruise ship. It's about a language, more or less discreet and secret, by which the crew is informed of what is happening on the ship. These phrases or words they are said over the public address system, so in order not to alarm passengers, they have this code. The fact that the crew is in full action does not have to mean that something serious is happening, it may simply be that an area needs to be cleaned or that someone has passed out. They are words and phrases that they use among themselves, but you will get used to hearing them if you are a true cruise passenger.

How can you guess these codes are recognized by the entire crew. The shipping companies are in charge of training their staff in them, each crew member has their assigned role, so if you plan to work on a cruise ship, you are also interested in reading this article.

Abandon ship code

fullfilment of security requirements

The first day of boarding is emergency drill that everyone, yes or yes, has to go to. You have to go to the meeting in the place they have indicated, depending on where your cabin is and be very attentive there. Among other important things, they will explain to you where you will have to abandon the ship, put on your life jacket or which are the lifeboats that correspond to you. And how do you know that you have to start the evacuation? Well, in all areas 7 short beeps and one long beeps will be heard. Remember, 7 short beeps and 1 long, yes it also sounds in the cabins. From there you will have to follow the instructions they gave you on the first day.

Code to announce that someone fell into the sea

If you see someone falling into the ocean the first thing is notify the crew and that you try remember the maximum details about what happened. They will know exactly what to do.

The morse code Oscar is to indicate that there is "man overboard" and most likely the public address system will name Mr. Bob, this is the code way that Caribbean and Princess have to say that someone fell into the sea. Apart from this you will hear 3 long beeps and a long bell sound.

When someone falls into the water, all efforts are focused on recovering it, so the machines stop and the alarm is raised. The next day, or on the same day, the captain organizes a meeting explaining what happened. The main thing is to avoid rumors.

If you want more information on this topic you can consult this article.

Code for fire

The occurrence of a fire is one of the worst circumstances that can occur on board a cruise ship. This does not have to be serious, but it must be controlled from the first moment. If you are traveling on a boat Disney and you hear three times: Red Parties, Red Parties, Red Parties, followed by a place this is that there is fire in that place.

Other emergency codes

But a fire or someone falling into the sea are not the most common codes, but small circumstances or accidents that if announced over the public address system could cause curiosity and curiosity, which is not the most effective way to solve the problem. That is why ships continue to maintain this encrypted code, for example Code Blue, or Alpha is said for medical emergencies.

Un 30-30 plus one location indicates that the staff of cleaning and, or, maintenance has to take care of an emergency in the place indicated. Echo, Echo, Echo (read in Italian) aboard Royal Caribbean means danger of collision with another ship.

These are the most common codes, but as we mentioned at the beginning, each shipping company has its "own keys". What does not change are the 7 short touches and one long to leave the ship.

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